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Press Release

ACF Technologies to Support UK's Mass-Vaccination Goals with Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

The UK has launched its biggest mass-vaccination program, and ACF Technologies aims to support them with technology capable of scheduling millions per week.

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Neuromarketing: The New Way to Enhance Customer Experience in Retail

Imagine a wine store. The wine store’s bestsellers are German Riesling and French Chardonnay. During the opening hours, there is music playing in the background to create a pleasant shopping experience. The store’s shop assistant is a huge fan of...

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How Queuing Solutions Improve Safety on Campus for Students and Educators

Most college campuses are high-traffic areas, and that’s usually a good thing. The buzz of students, professors, visitors, and staff create that signature campus energy. But for the foreseeable future, the spread of COVID-19 has made that same...

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5 Steps to Streamline Your Patient Journey for Mass COVID-19 Vaccinations

It will likely be several months before a COVID vaccine becomes widely available to the general public. But healthcare providers are already grappling with how to integrate mass vaccinations into their everyday workflows. Delay planning, and run...

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What to expect from Branch Transformation 2020

You realize time flies fast as soon as you start planning Branch Transformation 2020. This year, however, Branch Transformation will be held in a slightly different environment. Over 700 financial leaders and CX experts will meet on a virtual...

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3 Smart Ways to Plan a Practical COVID Vaccination Strategy-Now

Uncertainty swirls around exactly when a COVID vaccine will be available. But one thing is certain: The biggest mass vaccination event in modern history is on the way, with an unprecedented number of individuals receiving vaccination. To manage...

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The Ultimate Guide to Capacity Management for Event and Stadium Management in a Time of COVID-19

What is capacity management, what are the challenges facing stadium and large venue owners in the face of COVID-19 and what technological solutions are available to help bring people back to events safely? In this blog, we answer these questions...

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3 CX challenges that HAVEN’T changed since COVID-19

Though COVID-19 has changed how we view the world, how has it changed the way customers interact with businesses? While it certainly creates roadblocks in terms of being near customers and providing them a personalized experience, many...

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Charlene Li on Disruptive Digital Transformation

In this podcast episode, Charlene Li, a successful entrepreneur, female leader, bestselling author and mother of two children, talks about the fundamental motives of disruptive innovation and how one can use this approach to their advantage in...

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Stuart Fearn on Optimising your Branch Network During COVID-19

In this Q&A - Stuart Fearn, Head of customer contacts at Newcastle Building Society, talks about how his organisation is optimising their branch network during COVID-19.

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