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How to Improve the Patient Experience—Before the Appointment

Like most providers, you care about your patients’ experience. Happier patients mean fewer complaints, better online reviews, and higher CAHPS scores. Not only that, but a better patient experience—one that leads to higher patient...

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Healthcare, Patient Experience, Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management, Patient Flow, Patient Satisfaction

3 Reasons Why Patient Flow Matters More Than You Think

Today’s healthcare providers are continually tasked with doing more—treating more patients, completing more paperwork—without a corresponding increase in resources. And the most finite of all those resources is time.

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement Q&A - Digital Banks Versus Physical Banks

Physical branches have been declining in numbers over the last decade, and generally online banking channels have been taking over. The most disruptive introduction of which is the digital only "challenger banks". These financial institutions...

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Procurement tips for people buying appointment scheduling software

If you’re an organization looking to improve the customer experience in your stores or in a location where customers come to you to have their problems solved, the chances are that you will have considered some kind of customer experience...

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Retail banking Challenges Part 2 - Optimising Multiple Channels

With the introduction of new technology, such as 5G, Wireless devices, the Internet of things and the countless different customer engagement channels to come along with it – integrating all these effectively with your branches could get...

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Retail Banking Challenges Part 1 Can Events Save Branches from Dying?

The financial sector is in a clear time of transition. This is resulting in many challenges that are proving difficult to solve. Even for the larger financial institutions.

Many banks are trying to clean up their digital transformation strategy...

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3 tips to get Appointment Scheduling software up and running more quickly

One of the biggest challenges facing most IT organizations takes place once appointment scheduling software has been purchased, i.e. its adoption and rollout. This blog post explains how to get appointment scheduling software up and running more...

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Omnichannel appointment booking Q&A

How has appointment booking changed over the past 11 years? 10 years ago, many people were still relying on pen and paper. Since then, appointment booking has evolved technologically. Something as simple as booking an appointment has now become a...

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Appointment Booking on the move: How to manage roaming staff & home visits

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘the customer is always right’. The customer isn’t always right – but he or she is is always in control of his or her future with you. And, today, the customer is increasingly in control of how – and more...

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ACF Technologies at 2019 Branch Transformation RBR in London, UK

Branch Transformation 2019 includes best practice case studies from leading banks showcasing their response to the challenge of making the branch fit for purpose.

At this year’s event we will be showcasing our Q-Flow omni-channel solution - our...

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