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Citizen Engagement, Customer Experience, Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management

How to manage customer queues. Hint: it’s about what you don’t see.

When you think about the word ‘customer queue’ the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t customer experience management technology. But maybe it should be?

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Citizen Engagement

How new technologies are transforming CX in the public sector

How are you communicating with your customers? Is it via email, face to face and phone calls? Or is there a way to use technology to go even further? At ACF we use every piece of technology at our disposal to help our retail customers – we’d like...

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Citizen Engagement, DMV

Why citizen experiences are improving at the DMV

For most citizens, taking a trip to the DMV to renew their drivers’ license isn’t something they relish. It’s a time-consuming, painful process. With everyone standing around and no-one seeming to know what queue they’re supposed to be in – it’s...

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Citizen Engagement, DMV, Public Sector

How To Deepen Insight Into Customer Needs And Improve Citizen Experience

While best practice suggests that installing customer feedback systems can help government agencies gain better insight into citizen experience, post-service survey systems in isolation don't provide sufficient insight into the customer...

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Press Release, Citizen Engagement, Customer Experience, Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management

Coral Gables Automates Building and Zoning Process

A customer tries Coral Gables’ new automated customer management system in its Building and Zoning department. The kiosk system is designed to guide customers to the correct line so as to minimize wait times.
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Case Study, Citizen Engagement, Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management

Colorado rolls out online-reservation system for DMV as a way to cut down wait times

That long line at the DMV may get a little shorter thanks to a new online-reservation system the state of Colorado unveiled Thursday.
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