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3 Smart Ways to Plan a Practical COVID Vaccination Strategy-Now

Uncertainty swirls around exactly when a COVID vaccine will be available. But one thing is certain: The biggest mass vaccination event in modern history is on the way, with an unprecedented number of individuals receiving vaccination. To manage...

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Healthcare, Patient Experience, Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management, Patient Flow, Patient Satisfaction, Virtual Queuing

How to Improve the Patient Experience—Before the Appointment

Like most providers, you care about your patients’ experience. Happier patients mean fewer complaints, better online reviews, and higher CAHPS scores. Not only that, but a better patient experience—one that leads to higher patient...

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Healthcare, Patient Experience, Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management, Patient Flow, Patient Satisfaction

3 Reasons Why Patient Flow Matters More Than You Think

Today’s healthcare providers are continually tasked with doing more—treating more patients, completing more paperwork—without a corresponding increase in resources. And the most finite of all those resources is time.

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The 7 Biggest Ideas To Consider From HIMSS 2018


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Data Holds The Key To Better Patient Experience Management

You know the critical importance of creating better patient experiences – eighty-four percent of hospital leaders rank it as a top priority. So how can you take the lead in your clinic or healthcare facility?

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Improving Patient Experiences Means Empowering Patients

A patient's experience with a hospital goes beyond purely the quality of medical treatment. It encompasses the entire continuum of care, which includes appointment scheduling, time spent waiting, filling prescriptions and friendly hospital staff.

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Buncombe County Department of Health and Human Services

From Home-Grown Systems to Cutting-Edge Technology

Background: In Western North Carolina, Buncombe County covers 600 mountainous square miles. Out of the county’s 238,000 citizens, 120,000 utilize the county’s Social Services and Public Health...

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